Current Members and Board

Current Board

President: Susan Lewerth

Vice President: Jen Knuth

Treasurer: Beth Zak

Recording Secretary: Debbie Meinert

Corresponding Secretary: Judy Shannon

Directors: Gerry Johnson, Kristen Thiel, Linda Yon

Nominating Committee : Gerry Johnson, Jen Knuth

Three Rivers North Foundation Board

President: Beth Zak

Vice President: Jen Knuth

Treasurer: Linda Yon

Secretary: Debbie Meinert

Directors: Gerry Johnson, Kristen Thiel


Service, Advocacy and United Nations: Jennifer Knuth (Chair), Gerry Johnson, Joanne Karg, Debbie Meinert, Beth Zak

Programs: Judy Shannon (Chair), Jen Knuth, Debbie Meinert, Linda Yon

Public Relations: Joanne Karg, Beth Zak

Membership: Susan Lewerth (Chair), Linda Yon

Grants and Scholarships: Linda Yon (Chair), Jen Knuth, Beth Zak

Ways & Means: Susan Lewerth

Z Club: Joanne Karg